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Orihime will always stand by Ichigo


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Anonymous asked: OK I officially do not understand you. You are clinging to failboat IchiHime when EVERYONE knows IchiRuki will reign in the end. Ichigo does not like Orihime he LOVES Rukia. Kubo makes so many poems about there relationship they even had a play where Ichigo and Rukia FELL IN LOVE and Orihime came just to be in distance saying "KUROSAKI-KUN" not even noticed by Ichigo. What do you say to that? YOU FAIL. IchiRuki doesn't need a kiss to be canon IT ALREADY WILL BE CANON I PROMISE THAT.


Who gives a fuck about a play that has shit to do with manga development? The pilot has him in love with Orihime, you don’t see me clinging to that as proof. Ichigo is not in love with anyone, he’s too focused on protecting to give a fuck about romance. But aint a damn thing preventing him from accepting Orihime’s affections once she makes them clear. Get over yourself.

Kubo writes MANGA, people tend to forget, lol 

Anonymous asked: Oh one more thing Orihime love confession did not or shouldn't count she was not visible and he was asleep! She tried to steal his first kiss WHEN HE WAS SLEEP. That's like rape :/ And her love will stay unknown bc she KNOWS Rukia and him are madly in love with each-other. She doesn't want to get involved or Rukia would hurt her lol XD


You have a severely disturbed interpretation of what you read bruh. First off, don’t even dare trivialize rape by claiming a stolen kiss to be equivalent. She did not molest him, she was saying GOODBYE. Secondly, Orihime KNOWS Rukia isn’t into Ichigo that way, she was only envious of Rukia’s effect on getting Ichigo out of his funk, unaware of her own effect on him which Matsumoto pointed out. Rukia on the other hand is fully aware Orihime loves Ichigo, and she loves the girl as a best friend and has no intentions of getting in the middle of that whatsoever. Just stop it. You’re making yourself look foolish.

the fact they call it rape makes my stomach lurch in utter disgust. 

Anonymous asked: One of my biggest problems with people fighting over ichiruki and ichihime is that they seem to gloss over the fact that Rukia and Orihime are FRIENDS. "Rukia would hurt her lol XD" Uh, no, she really wouldn't.


Lol exactly. Rukia would cheer her on.


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Anonymous asked: You see that is you problem. When asked about Ichihime development you mentioned things from HUECO MUNDO ark not anything RECENT except the boob story that was for comedy reasons not romantic feelings and Ichigo's face wasn't "oh nice rack Inoue" it was "YOU ARE SHOWING TOO MUCH COVER UP" which is BAD SIGN for Ichihime telling us fans Ichihime is sinking. Ichigo is not attracted to her. He acts gay around her even when he is flashing him with her boobs. Ichiruki is more LOGICAL and not sinking


Nigga he was blushing his ass off. The “its revealing” is to cover up his embarrassment at Chad putting him on the spot. And you forget the Fullbring Arc. They only got that one chapter together so far this arc to interact aside from her shielding him from Ishida’s attack before focus switched to Mayuri. And you shouldnt event talk when IR forever clings to this stopping the rain shit from before the real plot even got started with soul society.

OMG the fact they that they still denying the fact that he was trying not to look at her, because it’s her in that outfit makes me


KUBO put it in there for a damn reason, 5 pages of a reason.

keep hatin’ makes it that much more sweeter.