Do you think that Ishida and Ichigo are going to fight against each other and if so will Orihime play a part in it? Do you think it will have a positive development in the relationship between Ichigo and Orihime?


Yesss I think they’re definitely going to have some confrontations and most likely fight and I think maybe Orihime will play a part as like the voice of reason to make peace since she was the one who kinda foreshadowed the Ichigo/Ishida thing at the very beginning of this final arc when she said it made her happy to see that those two have become really good friends—plus the three of them were the nakama who were involved in the Lust arc so I think that’s kind of significant in terms of their friendship, collectively. And I think that if the conflict between Ichigo and Ishida has an effect on IchiHime, it will be positive, maybe by bringing them closer together!

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