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Orihime will always stand by Ichigo

grimhimeby ichihimepr

Anonymous asked: How about Grimmjow x Orihime doodles? <3 Or you don't like that pairing?

Oh GrimmHime is my FAVORITE CRACK ship ever, my favorite Arrancar ship with someone that isn’t Arrancar.


I can’t wait to see the possibilities Kubo does with these two and their relationship. 


That Bleach chapter was alright, but not too exciting.

I bet HM team is coming, i bet that was them in the cloud of smoke that look like a skull. 


by Walis

very nifty and beautiful 

Sweet Businessby thorahathi

Another drawing with GH family, again something with my little OC Yuria and her dad, Grimmjow ^^ Orihime made some cupcakes 

High School Idols
by thorahathi


High School AU - My Prom Date
by thorahathi